21 Century Best Clothing Brands Available In Whaley Center

Fashion and style is something that is ever changing and we have observed many fashion trends that come and went in a blink of an eye , some fashion and styles trends were also seen by 21st century best clothing. Staying on the topic of fashion and trends, In 21st century we have also seen many types of clothes staying at the top of the fashion industry but never for too long the reason being fashion industry is a very cut throat business and if one needs to survive, then one better know what is on the top.

21 Century Best Clothing Brands

If we take a look back to those times where fashion industry was booming, we see that fashion was changing so rapidly that new trends were coming every single day. Have you ever wondered about this? have you ever thought about what cases the trend to shift so quickly? If so, then this article is right for you. in this article we will discuss about all the fashion trends leading up to 21st century, and we will find once and for all the what is the best 21 century best clothing.

In the modern times we see ourselves dress entirely different from the people of the past. This all happened because of the ever so changing fashion statements. In ancient times dresses the rulers wore were considered in fashion. People tried to copy these fashion statement, everybody wanted to look like their king or queen.

Now in 21st Century best clothing fashion effects the lives of many people. In so many ways, pop culture and fashion shows have given way to a variety of fashion statements. The people affected by changing fashion are usually the ones which are directly linked with the industry.

Fashion In The Mid 1800s

During this era, the women whore little to no reveling clothes, these clothes were not made from same materials that we use today but different material was used, the whole wardrobe consisted of different materials including dresses made from animal fur. The most commonly used attire was long baggy dresses which included pantalets, corset and petticoat.


Pantalets were more than common and every women whore there long clothing under their dresses, no matter what dress was worn on top, pantalets were considered must. There was also long under garments, which consisted of a frill at the bottom, it was mostly made from silk.


Another piece of clothing that was worn by the women was the chemise. It consisted of one piece and it was meant to be worn over the pantalets.

Under Garments

The most used under garments in those times had different designs on them. this was done to give the user a layered look.


A corset would usually overlap a chemise. if you have seen this then you know that a chemise is something that is tightly fitting undergarment. It was used to cover the body by extending it from the chest to hips.

Women in the 1800s loved to wear this as it gave lift to the specific areas while highlighting the shape of waist. Women used this piece of clothing to draw unwanted attention away from the natural shape of their body, specially waist line.

Problems Cased By Corset

All was not that good as it may sound. Due to the tightness of the corset this piece of clothing started to cause health issues for the women. The corset was so tight that It started squeezing the inner organs of a female body. this case many digestive and reproductive problems and in severe cases fatality.

What Was The Fashion Like In 1960s

Before 1960s the most in fashion item were long dresses which sometimes lingered in the feet. Hats and corsets was the go to fashion trend and the main attraction of people as well. For that time, it was hailed as revelatory but as the time went by the youth expressed interest in change.

The Hippie Era

The turmoil on international level sparked many youths to take this persona to the next level. So there it was, majority of the youth started to dress in hippie clothing. The design of this clothes spoke volumes. The end result was not to impress but to send a sign, and the perfect way to send that sign was by the way of fashion.

Dawn Of The Mini-Skirt

The dresses whore by the youth were lose and reveling. This gave birth to the short mini-skirt of the 21st century. But at that time wearing something like that meant freedom. Times were tough and youth wanted to express as much freedom as possible. The clothing began to give one a more casual look. When a lot of people start to go on a rampage of wearing matching clothing we see that specific style become more casual.

Unisex Clothing

Men and women pretty much wore the same type of clothing. Unisex look was the norm of 1960s, at the same time ragged jeans were gaining serious popularity. But as with all trends the hippie looks and the ragged pants ran its course, now this type of fashion is seen on special occasions. Now people even use this look as a costume rather something serious.

Fashion From The 1990s To 2000s

21 Century Best Clothing

Some consider this the boom period of fashion industry. From the nineteenth century to the 21st century fashion industry started changing rapidly. There have been many beautiful clothes that passed between this time period. In the early 20th century we say a return of corset. But it was not like the traditional corset that was making lives miserable but a dumbed down version of it.

The Return Of The Corset

The corset returned with a band but left its bad name behind. Women felt relaxed wearing it, but it was not as that common as 1800s corset. Let’s talk about 1920s for a brief while. In that era, boyish look became the new fashion statement. Women started to adopt this look and the women which dressed like this were known as flappers.

The short haircuts that came to prominence in the name of BOB cut. Short skirts and dresses that were straight were being worn. Women started going out and get involved in sports. This gave way to the todays fashion industry. In a nutshell one has to appreciate the clothing we wear as compared to the past.

Ready To wear Clothing

Now days we have witnessed a trend in ready to wear clothing. As we touched upon earlier in the past people use to make their clothing out of different material, and all of those clothes were hand made. There were not ready to wear clothing. You cannot imagine the time and effort it would take if all of today’s clothes were made by hand.

In the 2000s we saw a boom in the clothing lines of different brands. many stores started to expand their businesses, and many new stores with new concept such as thrift stores started to open. These thrift stores proposed a very interesting business model which we will discuss shortly.

Fashion In 2020 And The Rise Of Thrift Shops

Thrift stores has been around for a while now, but we say the rise in its popularity in the early 2000s. let us explain why the popularity of thrift stores exploded, as you might know thrift stores has a policy to buy your old clothes, and in return you are paid in cash or you are asked to pick out other clothes. Usually new branded clothes are very expensive and if you are looking to buy these clothes for your young ones then be ready because your kid will outgrow new clothes very quickly.

Consignment stores offers its customers unique opportunity to sell their slightly used clothes in return for cash or other clothing. Now these stores are not just limited to clothing but you can find all sorts of accessories, ranging from hats to shoes. In the early 2010 people were coming in groups in these consignment stores.

Is A Consignment Store Worth It?

If you ask us, we would probably recommend you to purchase all of your clothing needs from consignment stores as there are many reasons behind it. the major reason we recommend consignment stores to people is because of the earth. As you might know the earth is getting hotter and hotter as a result of global warming.

Importance Of A Thrift Store

The clothes that are old are usually thrown away, which adds to the ever so increasing concern of global warming, so selling your clothes to a consignment store will not only benefit you, but it will also be good for the environment.

Minimalism And Clothing

Coming back to the fashion of 21st century, we have witnessed a trend of minimalism. More and more people are supporting minimalism. the reason could be many but now the people are more educated then before and they also have a greater understanding of their surrounding then before. Minimalistic people believe that if something is working in a minimal way then there is no need to make it complex.

So coming to clothing industry, plain white, black shirts are preferred over complex shirts with complex designs. In order to print on a shirt, many chemicals are used and if one opt for simple and plane clothing then all of the complexity could be avoided. This is one of the biggest shift in trend that was observed in the 2010s.

Recycling Clothing

Some of the best clothing of 21st century is those which are recycled. Just to give you a prospective, imagine buying a shirt that cost you a hefty price, and in one to two month the design of that shirt becomes obsolete. If that shirt is not worn after one month then all of your money would have gone to waste. Now selling that shirt will not only give you money

But selling the shirt will keep that fashion trend in circulation. people will buy that shirt and wear it longer, thus recycling your old clothes not only gives your old clothes another life but also makes you money in the process. If you care about the earth and want to do your part in the conservation of our planet, then selling your old clothes is a perfect way.

If you do not recycle your old clothing, it ends up in landfills. This contribute to the global warming, so whenever it is possible you need to dispose of your old clothing properly. Consignment stores proved to be revolutionary of fashion. You can find 21st century best clothing in these consignments store. the process of buying and selling is easy as 123.

You just strong will and determination. Fashion is something that comes naturally to some people, as these people are gifted. You may have seen many people with lots of money but not a good fashion sense, and there are those people which make up their wardrobe from buying all of their clothes from thrift stores.

The fact of the matter is consignment stores not only give new life to old clothes but it makes clothes to stay in fashion for longer. Gone the days where people had limited option of where to buy clothes, in the recent times people are more depended on internet than ever.

You can even a kid where to shop online and he will probably tell you twenty sites where you can buy clothes. Everything has become convenient. And as more and more people are turning towards online shopping fashion trends are changing according to online shopping trends.

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Customizing One Own Clothing

On the topic of online shopping, many online stores are giving the option of customize one’s own clothes. So you can pretty much makeup your own designs and fashion trends. This is one of the biggest shift in fashion, now everyone can make their own fashion depending on their taste.

This does not mean that bigger companies will take a hit or they will stop making new clothes, everything will go as usual but no doubt there will be a shift in the upcoming fashion trends.


We would like to conclude by saying that, fashion is ever-changing and it is hard to keep up with the trends. But we hope this article has helped you in some way to get an idea about the current fashion trends. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.