Clothes Mentor The Best Thrift Store of Fayetteville NC

  • August 22, 2021

Clothes Mentor is the best thrift store of Fayetteville NC for many reasons . If you are looking for an amazing selection of affordable clothes, then Clothes Mentor is the place to go. They offer a wide variety of clothing, and accessories options for women. You are sure to find something that you love at Clothes Mentor.

Some of the reasons why Clothes Mentor is the best thrift store of Fayetteville NC include their great prices, their huge selection, and the fact that they donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. Clothes Mentor is also one of the few thrift stores that accept credit cards, so you can shop there even if you don’t have cash on hand.

Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC’s staff makes sure that you get the best shopping experience possible. They are always willing to help you find the perfect item, and they will even help you try on clothing to make sure it fits well.

When you shop at Clothes Mentor, you can be confident that you are getting quality clothing at a fraction of the cost of other stores. So if you are looking for great clothes at an affordable price, then Clothes Mentor is the place to go.

What You Can Find At Clothes Mentor?

You can find a variety of items at Clothes Mentor, including:

  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • And Many More


If you’re looking for used handbags in Fayetteville, NC then Clothes Mentor NC is the best place to visit. Clothes Mentor can provide you with brand name handbags. All the handbags sold at Clothes Mentor are stylish and you can get it in almost half the retail pricing.

You can get backpacks, clutches, wallets, wristlets, and NWT handbags. NWT handbags are those that have never been used before and still have the tag on them.

The best thing about Clothes Mentor is that they don’t just sell clothes, they buy clothes as well. So if you’re ever in need of some extra cash, bring in your gently used handbags and get paid on the spot!


Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC has a wide variety of boots for sale. You can find both winter and summer boots at Clothes Mentor. Whether you’re looking for ankle boots, knee-high boots, or cowboy boots, Clothes Mentor has the perfect pair of boots for you. Visit Clothes Mentor Fayetteville Online Store to check out which boots are available.


Clothe Mentor can provide you almost all types of shoes so no matter if you’re searching for sneakers, flats, heels, Sandals, etc., you will find it at Clothes Mentor. You can also get a great deal on shoes as Clothes Mentor offers designer labels at a fraction of the retail price. So hurry up and shop for shoes at Clothes Mentor Fayetteville.


Clothes Mentor carries a wide variety of clothing options ranging from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, athletic, swim, plus sizes, and even NWT clothing. You’re sure to find something you love at Clothes Mentor Fayetteville.

With clothes mentor you can get great designer labels like Adidas, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Charlotte Russe, and much more at a fraction of the retail price. So hurry in and shop today!


In addition to clothing, Clothes Mentor also carries a wide variety of accessories. You can find options like purses, wallets, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, and even scarves. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.

Clothes Mentor also offers a great selection of designer labels like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, and more. So hurry in and shop today!

Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC

Clothes Mentor is all over US , we are the nation’s largest women’s apparel resale franchise. Our stores buys and sells gently used clothing, shoes, handbags and more from top brands. As a fashion retailer, our stores provide an exciting and convenient destination for women who seek great style at a fraction of the retail price.

You can visit Clothes Mentor of Fayetteville NC by visit The Whaley Center. The Whaley Center is a shopping center that has 3 of the consignment stores Clothes Mentor, Once Upon A Child, and Plato’s Closet.

Save Money By Buying Used Clothes

If you love shopping but don’t love the high price tags that come along with most clothing stores, then consignment shopping is for you! By definition, consignment shops are stores that sell gently used items on behalf of the original owner. This means that you can find amazing clothes, shoes, handbags and more at a fraction of the cost of retail prices.

What’s even better is that consignment shopping is great for the environment because it keeps usable items out of landfills. So not only will you save money by shopping at a consignment store, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the planet.

Brands At Clothes Mentor NC

Brands you may find include: Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, Evisu, Calvins Klein, True Religion and used clothes of other famous brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, True Religion Brand Jeans etc.

How To Sell At Clothes Mentor NC?

It is very easy to sell your clothes at Clothes Mentor and you can do that in 3 simple steps:

  • 1st you need to make sure that the items you want to sell are in such a great condition that someone would actually want to buy them from the store.
  • 2nd You need to bring your items into the store and then the staff will look through them and determine which items they will take.
  • 3rd Once they have taken your clothes, you will receive cash or consignment store credit on the spot!

What Are The Benefits Of Selling At Clothes Mentor NC?

There are many benefits of selling clothes at a consignment stores:

Get paid on the spot- when you sell clothes at Clothes Mentor, you will get paid immediately in cash or store credit. This is great if you need some extra money fast.

Save your planet earth by recycling- by selling your clothes at a consignment store, you are keeping them out of landfills.

Find new homes for your old clothes- when you sell your clothes at a consignment store, you are giving them a second chance at life. Someone else will be able to wear and enjoy them!

What Are The Best Items To Sell At Clothes Mentor?

The best items to sell at Clothes Mentor are gently used name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. We are always looking for the latest styles from your favorite stores like Ann Taylor, Loft, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrom, and many more

What Do Clothes Mentor Buy?

We will not buy items that are:

  • Out of style
  • Damaged
  • Stained
  • Have holes
  • Missing buttons or zipper pulls

We also do not accept undergarments, swimwear, or items that smell like cigarette smoke.

We only acquire gently used clothing in any sort of condition, including dresses, jeans/shorts, accessories, backpacks, shoes, handbags, and tops for women and men. We also buy jewelry and belts from a variety of stores throughout Fayetteville NC.

We need your gently worn clothing and accessories to assist us in supporting the charitable organizations we aid at Clothes Mentor in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Clothes Mentor is the ideal destination for buying or selling used clothing in Fayetteville. We provide a variety of services to fit your needs, including retail, consignment, and wholesale options.

You’ll love browsing here since we provide excellent pricing and accessibility in North Carolina! If you want to buy or sell second-hand clothing items, come see us now.

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