Kids Western – A Staple of Fashion

Kids western wear is considered a staple of fashion industry. Kids western wear includes all straight-leg, Boot-leg jeans and tank tops that makes one kids look like a superstar. In many stores across the US you can find a separate section of kid’s western wear, but what makes these types of clothing popular? And why so many young moms opt for these clothing?

In this article we will discuss all. if you look at an average American’s wardrobe you will find western wear, these clothes are around from the time of cowboys.

Why Kids Western Wear Carry Such Importance

Kids western wear has always maintained itself in the ever changing fashion industry, the clothing we are talking about are both of boys and girls. Western wear has inspired many designers to select this style for their new and upcoming kids clothing lines.

when kids were asked what type of clothing made them comfortable, most of the kids answered western clothing. These type of clothing has a special flair to it, it can make a girl look more feminine and a boy more masculine.

Western-Style Button-Down Shirt

The classiest of all the western wear till this date is western-style button-down shirt. This style is adored by all, kids, men, women. This style of clothing is worn by children casually, for girls this look is designed to give themselves a softer version of fabric.

While designing kids western wear designers added princess seams for the girls, some designers adds floral prints, this makes the shirt much more soft and give a very feminine look while keeping the clothing comfortable. On the boys side this fabric is made a little on the harder side.

Boys Western Fashion Wear

Boys fashion is very different as compared to girl’s fashion. Boys fashion is often borrowed from men western wear.

The popularity of flannel shirt reached such levels that at some point of a man’s life he had own or worn a flannel shirt. In the west this fashion was influenced by the farmers and the ranchers which whore these type of clothing.

Plaid Flannel Shirts

The most common type of clothing that was worn by farmers included plaid flannel shirts. As you might know the areas in the west are hot so the design of these plaid flannel shirt was to keep the wearer comfortable and cool.

In a nut-shell we can say that this fashion was invented by the cowboys to keep themselves cool and away from the sun that transpired in to werstern style kids clothing.

Picture of Kids Western Wear

Western shirts

Comfort level of Western shirts are on another level. The material selected to make plaid flannel shirts was durable and comfortable. Now days many kids and even men which wear these flannel shirts are not cowboys but the purpose behind wearing these clothes is same.

Where To Buy Western Shirts

You can buy the best western fashion wear for kids from once upon a child. The best thing about this store is that, you will have the western wear in affordable prices.

If you are a mother of rowdy kids then the durability will come very handy, as you might have experienced boys like to wear comfortable clothes and some companies while making comfortable clothes neglect the durability factor. So It is a very good idea to dress your boys in flannel shirts.

Girls Western Fashion

For the girls, dressing in western fashion has stuck around your years, and it made its mark in the fashion industry. To this date, moms like to dress up their little cowgirls in western clothing.

You can check the wardrobe of each and every girl living in the USA, and you can find a western style clothing resting in her closet, this speaks volumes of how much famous is this fashion style.

Basic Style Of Girls Western Fashion

Girls western fashion usually consist of rhinestone belt, with boot-leg jeans. This style is obviously inspired by the cowgirls of the west. The belts that are worn are tassels and fringes, so the choice to wear this belt depends upon the mom.

If you want to dress your little girl in full swing, then this belt is necessary and if you are looking to give your girl just a touch of the western fashion then this belt can be skipped.

The Origin Of Western Fashion

This style of clothing as we touched upon earlier originated in the west, but it took no time for this style to quickly travel all along the other Stats of America, that’s not all. this style also spread to the rest of the world, and this style was accepted with open arms.

Western Style Shoes

Shoes are also a big part of western fashion and it is no secret that majority of the girls loves to wear shoes. We are not generalizing but just talking about the majority. Most of the girls will have a big smile on their faces when shoes are discussed and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the shiver of delight is seen on a girl face while boots are mentioned.

Girls Shoes As A Staple Of Kids Western Fashion Wear

In today’s fashion we can see many kids in lace up boots but did you know the style of these lace up boosts are taken from the western culture. In the west big pair of lased up boots are worn in routine, but historically speaking these boots were used to keep the feet clean and away from dirt, but as the time went on these boots became popular for their esthetics rather than functionality.

Early Alteration Of Western Foot Wear

Women in the 1940s and even 1950 wore boots that were similar in shape and style. In those time only adults worn these boots and kids were usually kept away. the reason behind this is the functionality of these boots. The boots were used for all sorts of ranching related things, which included horse riding and walking in the intense heat of the west.

The most durable and liked boots are made up of leather, back then these boots were hand stitched and hand-sewed.

Boys Shoes Related To Western Fashion Wear

Just like girls, boys also wore big leather boots, and that style still persisted till this day. Little cowboys can in fact get these shoes but they are not made from the same material as they once did.

In the early day’s western fashion shoes were made from leather but now a day, shoes for your little cowboys are made from synthetic rubber. So, one can say that these boots are very comfortable for kids.

Western Foot Wear Is Essential To Complete The Look

If you want to give your kid the whole western experience, then there is no better way than to dress up your kids along with these boots. In today’s world we see every place has created its own style of fashion, in some states of America, western fashion wear is considered normal while in other western wear is worn on special occasions.

Creating Ones Own Slyle

Regardless of the fact we can say this, western fashion for kids is like a blank canvas, you can create your very own style while mixing western style with your everyday local wear.

This creates an interesting prospective, as your kids depends on you on their styling and profiling. Fashionable clothes contribute a lot towards kid’s personalities, so we always advice moms to pick clothes that are comfortable for the kids to wear and look back to.

Creating Owns Own Fashion

The world is a global village but many places on earth prefers its own style. There are indeed fashion trends that are universal, but generally most of the fashion trends remains in a specific area, for a trend to become universal and to be carried form one place to next place requires specific sets of conditions.

Example of the fashion trend that became universal is western fashion wear. The western hat, belt and leather boots can be found all over the world no matter where you go. Western style is adored around the world and some even consider it the world best trend, this might explain the fact why western items never go out from the market.

Kids western fashion wear is so high in demand that you can find a specific portion of a clothing store dedicated to western wear. But still people prefer to buy their choice of clothing online. You can find many types of western clothes for your loved ones online, without leaving the comfort of your home, if you are on a budget then the best source to get Kids western wear, is shopping from consignment store.

Western Wear Found On Consignment Stores

In our opinion the best way to find western wear is buying western clothes from consignment stores. It is a great way to save money while keeping up to date with the fashion trends. Western clothing does not come cheap and one needs to spend some extra on added accessories, for example if you like a cute tank top for your kid then you have to pair it up with long leather boots.

Western style needs a whole package to stand out, if western style is not worn to completion it will start to look off and weak. So it is always advised to complete the look, and if you are going for a specific look then you can you find all of the essentials from a consignment store.

These types of stores work vice versa. If you have slightly used western wear clothing that are just sitting in your closet, then you can sell them for a hefty price. This not only gives your old clothes a new life but it also lets you make some extra money on the sides.

Buying Slightly Used Western Clothing

Who doesn’t like extra cash? So it is not a bad idea to buy and sell your slightly old used clothes on these stores. One of the best consignments stores are found near you. all you have to do is, a bit of research, we are sure there are many consignment stores in your area waiting for you to discover them.

Consignment stores are not limited to buying or selling clothing, you can find nearly all accessories including boots, hats, belts and other items, you can also visit the official websites of these consignment stores, to give yourself an overview of what to expect from them.

The Process Of Selling Your Slightly Used Western Style Kids Clothing

Like we mentioned above you can find almost all kids of clothes and accessories in consignment stores. If you are looking to see to these stores then the process is very simple, you can sell your slightly used kids western fashion wear is three steps, the first step includes you visiting the once upon a child in person and giving the clothes or accessories to the counter staff.

The counter staff checks the items you bring to them and give you a price, if you agreed upon the price that is offered to you then you can walk away with cash. There is no need to take an appointed to visit any of these mentioned consignment stores.

Similarly, if you want to buy from these consignment shops then you don’t need to go out of your way, as these shops operate just as your regular shops. You can visit these shops in their working hours and shop as if you are shopping in any other store.

You will find all the items there slightly used and branded, more often than not consignment stores do not compromise in quality, if a store promises on your quality then you can be sure that store will not disappoint.


To sum up this topic we would like to emphasize on kid’s western fashion wear. The fact this fashion statement remained relevant for so many years speaks volumes, and till this day kid’s western fashion wear has its own demand, whole sections of clothing stores are dedicated to these fashion wear.

If you are looking to dress your little one in something new and exciting then western fashion wear is the perfect way to go, you can pair up todays fashion with anything you like to create a new fashion for your little one. The best western clothing can be found in consignment stores, and you have to visit these stores to find what fits your kid.