Places To Sell Clothes Near Me – Clothes Mentor, Plato’s Closet And Once Upon A Child

  • August 26, 2021

If you are looking for places to sell clothes near me, you have three excellent options i.e. Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, And Once Upon A Child. Plato’s Closet is a chain store with close to 150 locations in the United States and Canada. The assumption here is that one of these stores will be relatively close by your home or work so you can easily visit them to check them out.

Clothes Mentor is another store that can be found in most large cities. The Clothes Mentor is designed for ALL women sizes 0-26 whereas Plato’s Closet is for teens or you can say people with age ranging from 16 to 20 you can find brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein as well as other designer brands at high prices.

This chain has a reputation for being picky about the merchandise it buys and also tries to buy only top quality items. Many of the customers who come here usually looks for branded gently used clothing from name brand designers. Plato’s closet also accepts off-brand products that can be easier to sell effectively to their typical clientele (more on this below). At Plato’s Closet you can expect to get anywhere from 5 -20% of the price you paid for the clothes especially on name brands.

Once Upon A Child is the place to buy or sell your children’s used clothes, toys, shoes, and many more. Once Upon A Child serves parents who are looking for great deals on kids products whether its clothes, toys, shoes, or even furniture.

The chain offers large volume discounts because most children outgrow their sizes so the customer can expect the best quality when they come in here and buy their products. There is an average 30% discount at once upon a child if you buy from Once Upon A Child.

Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC

Picture of Clothes Mentor

Clothes mentor is a consignment store. It is one of the few companies of its kind to offer both in-person and online shopping experiences. The company was founded in 1980 by Lynn and Dennis Blum of Columbus, OH. Lynn and Dennis [1]. Clothes mentor has been profitable since its inception and currently has over 100 locations across the United States.

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Usually Clothes Mentor customers are looking for designer clothing and accessories at affordable prices, so Clothes Mentor provides a great solution to that. Clothes Mentor also offers the ability to consign items which is great for people who want to make some money off of their old clothes. The company does not only sell clothes, but they also offer other products such as; handbags, jewelry, shoes, and even wedding dresses.

Selling at Clothes Mentor is also very easy, you don’t have to take any pictures or measure any clothes. You simply bring in your items and the staff does all of that for you. The only thing you need to do is wait for your clothes to sell and then you get paid!

Clothes Mentor is a great place to buy affordable designer clothing and also make some money by consigning your old clothes. If you are looking for a new place to shop, or if you want to make some extra cash, Clothes Mentor is the perfect solution!

The company has a strong focus on customer service, which is another reason why it has been so successful. You can call or email the store before you arrive to ensure that he/she will be available when you want to drop off your items and get paid.

The courteous personnel who greets you at the entrance will not only assist you in one-on-one price negotiations, but they will also advise you on how much your item is worth based on its condition. Employees at Clothes Mentor are taught to ensure that each client who sells their products is paid fairly for it..

You can visit Clothes Mentor online store to see what they have to offer and even get started on your own resale journey! They have a wide variety of both men’s and women’s clothing available, so you’re sure to find something that you like. And remember, Clothes Mentor always offers fair prices for the items they resell.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell gently used clothes, Clothes Mentor is the perfect place for you. With locations all across the United States, there’s sure to be a store near you. And if not, their online resale service means that you can still participate in the wonderful world of resale without having to leave your home. So what are you waiting for? Check out Clothes Mentor today!

Women Resale Shops Near Me

Due to its target audience, which most secondhand shops do not cater to, Plato’s closet caters to a demographic that other second hand stores don’t appeal to: young adults with disposable income and mainstream brand preferences. Shops like Plato’s Closet have opened all over the United States as a way for these younger shoppers to find designer brands at affordable prices, while allowing them to feel good about recycling clothes instead of throwing them away.

Concept of recycling clothes is not new, second hand stores have been around for many years, but Plato’s Closet has found a way to make recycling trendy and popular among a group that generally doesn’t shop at second hand stores. This is accomplished by only accepting and selling clothes that are current styles and brands that are popular with teenagers and young adults.

Women Accessories At Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC

Accessory purchases might really drain your wallet. However, Clothes Mentor can provide you with a range of beautiful and elegant handbags, scarves, and jewelry for a lot less. You can find actual leather, silk ties, and even expensive rings without having to spend a lot of money. Clothes Mentor is the best place to shop for accessories because they offer a great variety and selection at very reasonable prices.

If you are searching for a new handbag, consider stopping by Clothes Mentor first. You will be amazed at the fabulous selection and low prices. Make sure to visit our online store to see even more great accessories!

Items Sold/Bought At Clothes Mentor

Picture of Women Accessories

Clothes Mentor is a company that specializes in buying and selling fashion items from well-known brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne, Old Navy, and approximately 100 more.

Clothes Mentor also purchase fashion accessories too such as belts, glasses cases (Ray Bans), wallets and purses from brands like Coach and Louis Vuitton. Clothes Mentor wants to provide its customers an opportunity to recycle their gently used fashion items and earn cash on the spot.

What separates Clothes Mentor from other consignment or resale shops is that they only purchase current style clothing and accessories that are in excellent condition. This creates an inventory of fashionable, like-new clothing and accessories for their customers to shop from at a fraction of the retail price.

Plato’s Closet Fayetteville NC

Plato's Closet

Clothes mentor is also a consignment store. The name of the firm is owned by Lynn and Dennis Blum and Dennis Blum’s teenage son, assisted them in coming up with the name.

The Blum’s son found much knowledge and respect for the pioneering Greek philosopher Plato. His theories on reusing or preserving goods are similar to recycling, which is something his parents have been doing since they started their business!

The word Closet was seemed natural as well, because people usually have one (or more) in their home.

Plato’s Closet stores accept and sell gently used clothing and accessories for guys and girls. The target market is teenagers and young adults, ages 13-24.

Plato’s Closet is famous for its great deals on clothing and accessories. Plato’s Closet is helping teen to be in style without breaking the bank. You can get many name brand items for a fraction of the original price.

Plato’s Closet is a great place to shop for stylish and affordable clothing. If you are looking for a great deal on clothing, then Plato’s Closet is the place for you!

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Types Of Items Sold At Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a store that sells all types of designer clothing. They also sell items such as dresses, jeans, skirts, and even swimming costumes by well-known brands like Abercrombie & Fitch.

Designer handbags are available, as well as watches, perfume, and other items. Designer names include Louis Vuitton. Plato’s Closet sells purses for hundreds of dollars for just a few dollars. Many consumers buy luxury timepieces at these shops to get rid of them, often in exchange for an upgraded timepiece or because they no longer wear them.

Patio’s Closet can provide anything a teen may be looking for to keep up with the latest trends.

There are many reasons why someone might shop at Plato’s Closet. Maybe they are looking for a designer item at a fraction of the cost. Or perhaps they need a new outfit for a special occasion but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Whatever the reason, Plato’s Closet is definitely the place to go!

Are All Resale Shops Equal?

Not all resale shops are created equal. Some cater to a specific demographic while others may carry a wider range of items. Plato’s Closet is unique in that it focuses on clothing and accessories for teens and young adults. This makes it the perfect place to find affordable, trendy pieces.

In some cases, sellers may be paid the highest bidder depending on the condition of an item. However, this isn’t a common practice. Before selling anything significant to you, it is recommended that familiarize yourself with the shop’s policy.

Plato’s Closet buy and sells gently used clothing and accessories for teens and young adults. We pay cash on the spot or give you a Plato’s Closet trade card to use like cash in-store.

What separates Plato’s Closet from other consignment or resale shops is that we only sell items that are trendy and in style. This means our inventory changes regularly as new styles come in and older styles go out. As a result, Plato’s Closet is the perfect place to find affordable, stylish clothing without breaking the bank.

Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child Fayetteville NC logo

Once Upon A Child is a children consignment store that specializes in selling gently used kids clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear. We have everything you need to get your children ready for any season or special occasion – all at a fraction of the retail price!

Unlike other consignment or resale shops, Once Upon A Child buys and sells items “as is”. This means we do not require items to be cleaned, pressed or repaired before bringing them into our store. Simply gather up your gently used kids clothes, toys and gear and bring it in for us to look over. We’ll make you an offer on the spot and pay you cash on the spot! It’s that easy!

The dream of a better life for children led parents to start this organization in 1985. A husband and wife team, Mrs. Dennis Blum knew how expensive it can be raising three boys at one time.

Lynn was fed up with investing money in children’s toys, clothing and equipment only for them to be outgrown before any of the kids could wear or play with it – Lynn had an idea! Wouldn’t it be great if there were some kind way we could recycle all this stuff?

Visit Once Upon A Child Now!

Types Of Items Buy/Sell At Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child buys and sells gently used kids’ clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear. Our stores provide a convenient way to sell and buy items for your growing kids.

When you bring in your like-new items, our team will review each item and make you an on-the-spot offer based on condition and style. You can then use that money to shop for items in the store or simply take it as cash. Either way, we’ll be happy to see you!

What started as one small store has now expanded to multiple locations across the United States. We are the leading buyer and seller of gently used kids’ stuff in North America and our mission is simple: provide a great place to both buy and sell gently used kids’ stuff at a fraction of the retail price.

We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in being able to offer our customers a convenient way to sell and buy items for their growing kids. You can even find furniture at some of our stores!

We welcome you to come and visit us at any of our locations. We would love to help you get rid of some of that gently used kids’ stuff taking up space in your home and put some cash in your pocket in the process. And, if you are looking for something specific, chances are we have it or can get it for you quickly.

The Whaley Center Fayetteville NC

Due to the convenience of these 3 thrift shops, Karese Whaley decided to have these 3 thrift shops in one place , which would offer customers a “one stop shop” experience. The Whaley Center have provided plenty of space for all of these 3 thrift shops. As its a strip mall they also offer, plenty of parking and are handicap accessible.

These 3 thrift shops are not your typical “thrift shops”. Karese has put a lot of time , effort and love into making sure each shop is organized and is kept clean.

When you walk into any of the 3 thrift shops, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell. You’ll be surprised that none of the 3 thrift shops have that “thrift shop smell”.

The next thing you’ll notice is how organized each shop is. Each item is clearly marked with the price and size. You’ll find clothing for Men, Women and Children. You’ll also find shoes, purses, jewelry, children clothes, toys and much more

If you live in Fayetteville NC, then you can visit The Whaley Center to get all of your thrift shopping needs.

This shopping mall, located on 4544 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303, USA, offers a lot of options to choose from. It has become the go-to place for all shoppers because of its wide range in collection.

Places To Sell Clothes Near Me

Just like mentioned before The Whaley Center is the place to sell clothes near you if you live in Fayetteville NC. Besides The Whaley Center there are many other places to sell your clothes in Fayetteville NC.

However, you should exercise caution when dealing with others since there are individuals who may take advantage of you. Only visit the three recognized retail stores identified above to sell your clothing and acquire discount clothes to avoid dealing with fraud.

Can You Get Cheap Furniture In Fayetteville NC

Yes, you can get affordable furniture in Fayetteville NC. You’re probably thinking that affordable and quality don’t exist right now, but it’s actually possible to find affordable furniture while maintaining its quality.

Resale shops sell high-quality items at low costs. They obtain these items from people who want to dispose them off and buy new ones. The resale shops then sort out the goods based on their condition and put them up for sale at a considerably lower price than what they paid for it in the beginning.

To get the best product, you need to visit these stores daily because as soon as the good product is available, it gets sold immediately.

You may also come across some good items selling at a very low price, so purchase it before any other person does to get the best value for your money.

Thrift Stores Can Help Environment

Today, we have a lot of environmental issues. The main reason for this is the tons of waste we produce on a daily basis. According to statistics, each household generates approximately one thousand pounds of garbage every year.

So, what should you do if you want to assist the environment? One thing you may do is donate your old items to one of the enterprises listed above rather than tossing them in the trash or recycling bin.

Resale shops retrieve these items from being trashed by other businesses and then sell them at a low price so that they may be reused by someone else. They also keep their quality, so your donated item will continue to offer good value for money even after many uses.

It’s not necessary to be saddled with old items. You may rejuvenate them by donating them to the appropriate venue. Resale shops provide low-cost fashion clothing and other apparel at inexpensive rates in order to get more value for your money. So if you want high-quality items at affordable prices, then visit one of these three resale shops today;

Should I Sell My Clothing To A Secondhand Store?

Second hand stores are ideal for people who enjoy buying and wearing fashionable attire but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. So, yes you should sell your clothes to a secondhand store. Not only will you get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, but you’ll also make some extra money.

What Are The Best Secondhand Stores?

There are many great secondhand stores, but the three best ones are Once Upon A Child, Clothes Mentor, and Plato’s Closet. These stores offer a wide variety of clothing and other items at very affordable prices.


Resale shops are fantastic since they offer low-cost clothing and other goods to their customers while also recycling previously used items that would otherwise be discarded if no one bought them.

Make sure all of your items are clean and in good working order before offering them for sale, and look at the businesses listed above for more information on how to sell your things for cash.

The resale shops listed above provide the most up-to-date trends in designs, and the majority of the items available at a resale shop are appropriate for years. You’ll also get fantastic discounts on handbags, shoes accessories, and other goods available in stores but at a lesser cost since they’ve been worn just once or twice.

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